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Digital Photography in English (Курс цифровой фотографии на английском)

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Description of the Course

This course was designed to provide a friendly environment for the study Digital Photography. The course will be provided in English only, however it will be broken up into two groups.

  • Group А (Intermediate) is for those with an intermediate or higher level of fluency in the English language.
  • Group В (Basic): this group was created especially for those individuals who may have a “language barrier” with respect to spoken English (i.e. can understand written English, but cannot easily speak or converse in English). This is a great opportunity to start speaking and then thinking in English. Course instructions in Group B will be provided in both Russian and English.

In the technical parts of the course, you will learn how to work with professional photography equipment to create portraits, landscapes, and still-life images, while at the same time learning to use and apply English terminology. You will also learn the technical terms for photographic and studio equipment and will soon be able to talk like a pro! Studying in English is also a great brain exercise not to mention a lot of fun!

The target audience

The target group or audience for the ‘Digital Photography in English’ course includes: IT Academy students, foreign students interested in digital photography from the ground level up, those hoping to obtain employment in the cruise ship industry, and those who simply want to improve their photographic and English language skills. Or any interested individual who simply wants to become more fluent or practise their English in an engaging and interactive learning environment.

I will learn:

  • DSLR Photography, tricks, tips, and techniques.
  • Adobe Photoshop retouch.
  • Fill-in Flash techniques.
  • Studio Lighting.

What are the potential employment and income opportunities following successful completion of the course?

  • Wedding Photographer ($300-400/USD per wedding);
  • Cruise ship photographer (from $1200/USD);
  • Stock photographer (income depends on licensing arrangements).

After successful graduation of the course you will have the skills to work professionally, or to take professional-level photographs for business or family events:

  • to take professional photograph for business or family.

What do I need for this course?

  • A basic knowledge of English
  • An interest in Digital Photography and a strong thirst for knowledge

Why else should I take this course?

Everyone likes to collect and preserve memories of their happy moments, and the best way to preserve our memories is by creating enduring images of these moments. And the best way to create truly memorable images is by turning your camera into a time machine. Then, you can capture all of these magical moments and preserve them for eternity. You learn how to turn your camera into a time machine by first learning how to take digital photographs like a professional.

All professional photographers got started by beginning with small steps. This 3-month course will help you to familiarize yourself with DSLR photography and Studio Lighting. From there you can choose to go on and be a Wedding or Event Photographer, a Family photographer, or a Stock Photographer. Or you could just apply your newly acquired photographic skills giving joy and happiness to your relatives and friends, providing them with high-quality photographs of those special moments that you all share together.

Course Breakdown:

  • Types of the DSLRs.
  • The Optical System of the camera.
  • Lenses. Aberrations.
  • Exposure. ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, White Balance
  • Pixel & Matrix. RAW files.
  • Focusing. Exposure Modes.
  • Flashes. HighSync Flash Systems.
  • Studio Lighting. Work in the PhotoStudio Setup.
  • Portraits. Black & White Photography.
  • Still Life & Stock Photography.
  • Macrophotography.
  • Landscape. HDR.
  • Adobe Photoshop Retouch.
  • Creating your own portfolio.

The photowork of the teacher and the students:

Information and the prices

Monthly fee: 3100 UAH.

Recommended Age:from 15 till 70 years old.

Length: 2 months

Schedule: twice per week (6 academic hours per week).

Documents to apply:your passport, ID code and 1 photograph 3x4 cm

* Для студентов Компьютерной академии ШАГ действует скидка. Подробности в приемной комиссии, 2 этаж.

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